Bernese mountain dog size and all related information [Updated 2021]


When considering different species of animals in the world, dogs have a significant variation in size among different breeds from 5 pounds weighing Chihuahuas to 250 pounds weighing English mastiffs. Dog breeds are classified on size depending on their body weight and height, as small breed, medium breed and, large breed. Bernese mountain dog size falls under large breed dogs according to their robust built. 

Bernese mountain dog size as a large breed

Many large dog breeds are very playful and active despite their big size, while there are some laidback, large breeds too. Some large breeds may look scary and terrifying, but the right care can make them much adorable and sweet. It all depends on the relationship between the owner and the four-legged companion. Bernese mountain dogs are a crossbreed between a Swiss guard dog type and a mastiff-type large dog breed thousands of years ago, which inherited them their large size. With Bernese mountain dog size, they can be a very active dog and, sometimes they become shy goofy balls. This breed needs proper training and socialization in households to make them a comfortable companion to associate with. 

Male Bernese have a masculine look to them and are bigger than their females who have a feminine appearance. Males weigh up to 120lbs and have a height of nearly 26 inches when standing. Female Bernese weigh up to 100lbs and, their height is nearly 25 inches when standing. Though this breed is not very tall compared to other large breed dogs, they are firm with their muscular built. This strength made them the best work dog breed. 

Growth of the Bernese Mountain dogs

Berneses are known for their slow maturing. They take between 2 to 3 years of age to reach their adult weight and height. Till maturity, they have a very clumsy look, but with the correct timing, Berneses grow their luxurious double coat and bulky body becoming the best cuddle buddies. 

A healthy diet is essential to maintain your dog in its correct size with age. It is crucial to feed it a meal with the necessary nutrients to match its natural behavior and proper growth. Becoming too bulky can also be a huge risk; therefore, the Berneses’ weight gain should be monitored closely. 

Benefits of their size

Bernese being a large dog with lesser height is a significant advantage in making them excellent therapy dogs. They have the perfect height for standing at the bedside, which makes it very easy and comfortable to pet them. They become amazing companions for children too due to the same reason. These perfect proportions made them excellent cart pullers back in history. 

As a large size dog, Bernese mountaineers have a large litter, which is typical for large dog breeds. Their puppies should be handled with care as they are very likely to face bone disorders and injury, which can be harmful in bringing up your Burner under the correct Bernese mountain dog size chats. Therefore from their birth, this large breed should be treated well throughout their life.

Image credits: Josh Norem

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