Among the dog breeds having a shorter lifespan, Bernese mountain dog lifespan rank number 03 after Great Dane and French Mastiff.

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Originated in Swiss mountains and then moved to America and England, the Bernese mountain dogs are loved across the globe at present. These beautiful mountaineers live between 7-10 years. Unfortunately, this means that the Bernese mountain dog lifespan is shorter. Among the dog breeds having a shorter lifespan, Berners rank number 03 after Great Dane and French Mastiff. There are various reasons for this adorable canine to have a shorter life, and their breeders are putting efforts to lengthen its lifespan.

Factors affecting Bernese mountain dog lifespan

Several factors influence in keeping Bernese mountain dog lifespan longer. Selecting a puppy from a quality breeder, keeping them in a healthy weight, proper meals and supplements and, regular vet care are prominent among them. There is no guarantee that your Berners will live longer than their average lifespan, but you can at least try to keep it happy and well by giving them the right care. If you decide to get a Bernese mountain dog puppy, you should learn all its health concerns to act promptly in health emergencies. After the age of 03, they are more prone to diseases. Regular meetings with your vet will keep the dog’s health records monitored and updated.

Significant threats to the life span of this dog breed

It is typical for large breed dogs to have a shorter lifespan, but sadly this breed has a relatively very shorter lifespan. Canine cancer is the primary cause of death in 50% of Bernese mountain dogs. Cancers develop because of hereditary factors linked with genetics and breeding. That is why the quality of the breed matters. Malignant Histiocytosis is the condition commonly seen in Berners. There is no proper cure found for this deadly disease, but researches are working on it.

Other than cancer, this pure breed is prone to hip dysplasia, arthritis, cruciate ligament rupture, blindness, and many other mobility disorders. They also die from kidney problems, heart diseases, or bloat, which are common death causes in large breed dogs.

Keeping your Bernese mountaineer healthy

The diet of the dog has a significant influence on the well-being of it. When you get a burner puppy, first consult your vet to learn about its nutrient requirement. Many cheap dog foods include artificial substances, which are very harmful to large breed dogs. Avoid such food to prevent indigestion and many other digestion-related ailments. The correct amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, vitamins, etc. should be adequately included in their meal.

However, do not overfeed your Bernese mountain dog. The thick overcoat can hide its obesity, which paves many diseases. Obese dogs can have many mobility problems causing bone-related diseases. Give them an adequate amount of exercise to keep it moving and happy.

Hopes for a longer life

Bernese mountain dog breeders and researchers are putting their best efforts to lengthen the Bernese mountain dog lifespan. They are trying to avoid breeding Berners with genetic predisposition passed down from generations, which causes cancer. These endearing canines well deserve to have a happy and healthy life throughout their shorter life span. It is the owners’ responsibility to give them proper attention, love, and care to increase the quality of their health and well-being.

Image credits: Daniel Venter

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