Bernese mountain dog rescue- All the bizarre truths you need to know!

People come to the point of giving up their pet companions for several reasons. However, if the owner is not in a position of taking care of their pet anymore, it is best to or re home them with the correct people. If one is thinking about Bernese mountain dog rescue, there are many things to consider as they need proper love and care.

Bernese mountain dog rescue facts

Bernese love their masters. Not like puppies, when they are older than 18 months, it is a bit heartbreaking for them to leave their family. As they get older, the bond between the Berners and their masters grow stronger. However, Bernese mountain dog rescue happens mostly for adult Berners; therefore, sadly, this heartbreak is inevitable. Eventually, the rescued Bernese adapt to their new loving families. They are open to challenges, so they adapt well.

Rescuing and Rehoming Bernese mountaineers

Rescuing and rehoming are two different aspects. Rehoming is very common than rescue. Rehomed dogs have their records, while rescue dogs lack that information often. Rescue happens mostly with adult dogs. Berners get rescued and rehomed due to various reasons. Their behavioral problems are a significant reason. Lack of proper training and socialization affect significantly in behavioral problems seen among large dog breeds. Bernese are easy to train, which does not mean that they do not need training. A Berner who is rehomed due to its poor behavior can make a fantastic companion with proper guide and love.

If you are planning to rescue or rehome a Bernese mountain dog who is in a shelter or surrendered by its family or that has got lost or abandoned, it is best to do proper research about this breed to avoid disappointments of both the parties.

Is a Bernese mountaineer right for you?

Bernese mountaineers are work dogs from their origins. They love to stick around their owners and help them in different tasks. The temperament of this breed is very firm. They are affectionate, suitable as a therapy dog, and also very patient. Berners are good with children too but need to be trained well to be with children. They are curious, challenge taking dogs that are very active despite their bigger size.

Berners love to sit with their family in the living room or play in the outdoors. They feel less comfortable inside the Kennels. A merit feature is that Berners are not aggressive to visitors or strangers, but they will watch your family close.

Grooming the Bernese mountain dogs are not very expensive, but time-consuming. Their thick coat makes them shed a lot. They should be fed a quality meal, and proper veterinary care needs to be given to avoid diseases. A major downfall of this beautiful animal is its shorter lifespan. They are prone to many diseases. A healthy Bernese will live up to 10 years maximum. If you can endure their hair and energy, they may be a good fit for you. When you love the breed, but do not have enough time to bring up one from puppy hood, an adult Bernese mountain dog rescue will make a great companion. 

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