We know there are a lot of large dog breeds in the world, and some are trained as guard dogs, some are used for military with their intelligence, and some breeds live as family companions. Bernese Mountain dog breed is one of the best companion as well as a good working breed. In this article,...
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What is this all about? Here I’m writing about one of the most beautiful and powerful dogs in the world, The Bernese Mountain Dog. They are one of the four dog types of Swiss Mountain Dogs from the Swiss Alps and a large-sized dog breed. Officially established the breed in 1907 and Romans brought them...
Bernese mountain dogs are much loved for their fluffy appearance. Among the other most prominent old dog breeds in Switzerland like Appenzeller Sennenhund, the Entlebucher Sennenhund, and the Greater Swiss Mountain dog, Bernese get the attention due to their looks. All the above breeds are all-rounder working dogs who had similar tasks in farms and...
When considering different species of animals in the world, dogs have a significant variation in size among different breeds from 5 pounds weighing Chihuahuas to 250 pounds weighing English mastiffs. Dog breeds are classified on size depending on their body weight and height, as small breed, medium breed and, large breed. Bernese mountain dog size falls under...
People come to the point of giving up their pet companions for several reasons. However, if the owner is not in a position of taking care of their pet anymore, it is best to or re home them with the correct people. If one is thinking about Bernese mountain dog rescue, there are many things...
Originated in Swiss mountains and then moved to America and England, the Bernese mountain dogs are loved across the globe at present. These beautiful mountaineers live between 7-10 years. Unfortunately, this means that the Bernese mountain dog lifespan is shorter. Among the dog breeds having a shorter lifespan, Berners rank number 03 after Great Dane and French...
Bernese mountain dog history runs back to thousands of years. These are a crossbreed between the large farm dogs lived in the mountains of Switzerland and mastiff-type dogs known as Molosser. Romans brought those Molossers with them 2000 years ago to Switzerland. Bernese are known for their robustness. Therefore, they were working dogs from the...
Below are some of the most seen medical issues Bernese Mountain Dogs face. Cancer Various cancers can affect Berners. Cancers can occur in every dog, not only Berners. But for this breed, it is vital to notice the symptoms and treat them as early as you can, to avoid an early death. Some of the...

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Among the dog breeds having a shorter lifespan, Bernese mountain dog lifespan rank number 03 after Great Dane and French Mastiff.
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