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There are many types of dogs in the world. Some are trained canines in the military, some are used for their intelligence, some are bred as guard dogs, some live as family companions, and some are bred as accessories. Whatever the case is, dogs are usually of a friendly disposition that adopts to the environments relatively quicker than other animals. Almost all dog breeds tend to work well with humans. Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the kinds that was developed as a working breed. Let us have a look at how they came to being, what they look and act like, and basically who they are.

Bernese Mountain Dog history: How did they come to being a Swiss mountain dog?

It is believed that their history goes as back as 2000 years ago when Romans brought this breed to Switzerland. Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the leading Swiss Mountain Dogs, and they are the only ones with long hair. When they were brought to Switzerland, they were bred by farmers in Bern. They got their name hence. This breed is highly dynamic with versatile capacities. They were bred as working dogs in Bern, where farmers used them to pull carts, watch the herds, and protect livestock. Over the years, they lived with farmers in the region of Barn as guard dogs and working dogs until modes of transportation developed. When the area was formed with modes of transport, gradually, the usage of Bernese Mountain Dog for pulling carts and other works diminished. They became an obsolete breed since farmers found various ways to do their job.

In the year 1907, Professor Albert Heim took an initiative to rehabilitate this breed among Swiss farmlands, thus saving the breed to live up to date. In the year 1926, a farmer from Kansas imported two Bernese Mountain Dogs to work in his farmland, and they came to America. As far as Bernese Mountain Dog history goes, they have become one of the top-most dog breeds. Today, they have become one of the most famous family companions in German-speaking countries as well as the USA, Canada, and other countries.

Bernese Mountain Dog: Appearance and Personality

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Bernese Mountain dogs are considered a large breed with males standing at 25-28 inches and females standing at 23-27 inches on the shoulders. They weigh between 70-115 pounds, both male and female. They are called ‘Berners’ in an affectionate way. Berners was bred to work in freezing winters in the region of Bern, thus giving them a double coat with a lot of furs. And for this reason, they shed a lot more than other Swiss Mountain Dogs.

Berners have a very loving and affectionate personality. Although they were initially bred as working dogs, they are very good with people and generally very calm. A Bernese Mountain Dog puppy needs to be trained from the early days to behave in the house and with people. They tend to be shy among too many people. Berners are very protective of their families, and they can be aloof when it comes to strangers. Their physical growth is much faster than their mental growth. Hence it is vital to train them to be home companions from the beginning.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are considered quite intelligent and smart. It is easy to train them because they want to please their masters. But since they are very affectionate, it is not ideal for yelling while training them. Bernese Mountain Dogs train the best when they are taught lovingly and compassionately.

They were bred as working and guard dogs to protect livestock. That makes them naturally bark well. But they are extremely loveable and amazing around children. They are always eager to please their families, which makes them excellent cuddle partners.

Bernese Mountain Dog lifespan and health

Bernese Mountain Dog’s lifespan is not the best of all. Bernese Mountain Dog has a shorter lifespan when compared to other breeds because their health is not very strong. They have a lifespan between 7-10 years, and with excellent health, they can live up to 11-12 years max.

Bernese Mountain Dogs have quite several health issues. It does not mean that all dogs will get all or some of these diseases. Some dogs have better immune systems than others and do not get sick until their last breath. But it is crucial to be aware of these diseases that may come along the way. Read more

Caring for Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dog is a breed that was first bred to work. Hence, they have a lot of energy by nature. You must provide the surroundings to exercise. Apartments or condos are usually not the ideal places for dogs like Berners. They are large-sized dogs who are naturally filled with a lot of energy. The perfect place for them would be a home with a garden or a yard that gives them space to play and exercise. They have a very thick coat that supports winter weather.

Therefore, it is best to avoid keeping them in the sun when it is too hot. During the heat of the day, ensure you keep your dog in a shady place or inside the house. They like to play and run. So give them ample time of the day to do so, because a dog who exercises regularly is the healthiest.

How much? – Bernese Mountain Dog price

The breed is originated from Switzerland and was brought to America in 1926. Now they have become family dogs who make excellent companions. The Bernese Mountain Dog prices vary, depending on the location and the purity of the breed. Usually, you can expect a Berner puppy for about 800-2,000 US Dollars. But the average price of a standard Berner is about 1,147 dollars. But if you are looking for a Bernese Mountain Dog with a high-quality lineage, the cost can start from 2,500 USD to 10,000 or more USD. If you would like to adopt a Berner, the price could be much less than buying one.

Bernese Mountain Dog – The friendliest working dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are among the most affectionate dogs you will ever come across. They have a calm and composed nature while being very shy. If you are a dog-lover, you can adopt or buy a Berner puppy because they make excellent companions. They are also brilliant and easy to train. Bernese Mountain Dogs are people-pleasers. They want to make their masters happy always. Even though they are not the healthiest of dogs, you can still keep your dog healthy by giving it the right environment, feeding the right food, and getting the correct medical help at the right time.

You can never be bored when you have a Bernese Mountain Dog in your home. They make the place lively by being fantastic cuddle partners and pets. They are very loveable and easy to handle. Even when they get sick, they are not the most troublesome dogs to handle. If you take care of your Berner carefully, you can have a healthy dog and enjoy its company to the fullest. You even can expand their lifespan by being an excellent companion to the dog and providing it with high-quality food. Always attend to its behavioral changes because they can be an alert to some medical conditions. Apart from that, you have no reason to worry about. A Bernese Mountain Dog is the best companion to any home!

Bernese mountain dog history runs back to thousands of years. These are a crossbreed between the large farm dogs lived in the mountains of Switzerland and mastiff-type dogs known as Molosser. Romans brought those Molossers with them 2000 years ago to Switzerland. Bernese are known for their robustness. Therefore, they were working dogs from the...
Below are some of the most seen medical issues Bernese Mountain Dogs face. Cancer Various cancers can affect Berners. Cancers can occur in every dog, not only Berners. But for this breed, it is vital to notice the symptoms and treat them as early as you can, to avoid an early death. Some of the...
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